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From its humble beginnings, Nailaholics prides itself as the country's pioneer in specialized nail salon and spa boutique. With its passion to deliver unparalleled pampering, it allows each and every customer to experience a getaway in paradise. It's Hampton and Ibiza stores rendered professional yet personal service by expert nail technicians. With the love for exceptional pampering, Nailaholics grew into 67 branches nationwide and counting. All of which ready to bring one into a paradise of pampering.

_凭借对非凡呵护的热爱,在全国范围内成长为 67 家分店,而且还在不断增加。所有这些都准备好将一个人带入一个纵容的天堂。

Doze off to a complete relaxing getaway with this extensive list of pampering _凭借对非凡呵护的热爱,在全国范围内成长为 67 家分店,而且还在不断增加。所有这些都准备好将一个人带入一个纵容的天堂。 in your choice of Hapton or Ibiza stores.


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